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I wrote this email at 12:27 am on a Wednesday nite, I was just getting some paperwork done after a busy day at Hostyle Conditioning, my Training Facility.

I have been meaning to write this email for over a week now. If you have been watching my Training journal videos over on my Youtube page

or on my Facebook page

You have seen that I have rebuilt my bench press back to over 500 lbs over the last year, especially during the last 3 months.

Last Saturday I did a bench demo where I did the following


315 x 10 warm up set #1

365 x 6

405 x 5

455 X 1

500 x 1 ..from start to finish it took me about 15 minutes from warm up set to 500lb single. I was actually surprised how easy that 500 lbs flew up.


bench press seminar


My training has been very, very consistent over the last year.


 Rebuilding my Bench Press

A year ago 315 for 3 reps was dirty , now its my first warm up set ranging from 10-15 reps

Back to where I was 7 – 8 years ago.

The last 30 days have been the most exciting. I am able to do 405 for 6-8 reps on a regular basis , 475 for easy doubles  on a weekly basis.

Incline benching is back over 405 lbs.

But I have been doing something different

One of the other things I have been doing that I haven’t talked about yet  is a new Creatine.

Actually after less than 30 days its really starting to kick in!

I have been a big fan of Creatine for over 25 years.

There have been many versions over the years.

Many of them have worked well, some didn’t .

I have been using a very new form of creatine…

Let’s called it “Creatine X” for now…

So new that it’s not commercially available in Canada yet

It’s actually a patented Creatine

I’m in the process of licensing it for Canada

Oh and it’s expensive!

I have been using it 2 times daily for a little over 30 days now – and I’m very, very, very pleased with it.

But before I go much further with this project, I want to see how other lifters and bodybuilders will find it works for them.

I’m looking for 20 Serious lifters to test “Creatine X”

Now when I say Serious lifters I mean those of you who take their training SERIOUS , I don’t care how big you are or how much u lift.

I’m looking those of you who will be focused on the next 30 days of lifting and muscle building.

For 30 days I want you to chart your

starting bodyweight,

Bicep, Chest and Thigh Size

as well  as your

1 rep max on Bench Press – Deadlift and Squat.

Then retest all these at the 15th and 30th day mark.

Before and After Pic

Plus your overall feedback.

( I will be sending you a document to fill out)


Creatine X

The Creatine “X” is a 300 gram jar containing

Each serving of 5 grams contains  creatine X

2.5 grams of Creatine “X”

2.5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate


You will be taking 2 servings (10 grams )a day for 30 days

I’m looking for real and honest feedback.

I have a limited amount for 20 of you to test.

How much Does it Cost?

When we do bring Creatine “X” to the market it will retail for $75 -$85 per 300 grams. ( I did say it is expensive)

But for the 20 Test Subjects I’ll be getting Creatine “X” to you for $35 for a 30 day supply and its limited to 1 container per person.

Furthermore if we do bring this to market based on your feedback I will lock you in at this price for the lifetime of Creatine “X” no matter what the future retail pricing may be.

If you are reading to proceed and get in on this new creatine at the ground floor

Grab Here Via Paypal

Creatine X – 300 grams

Curd, are you Crazy?

(well I am a little)

Many of you on my email list have known me for a long time and know that I’m legit. But for you newer followers you might think this is a bit weird. I completely understand that. I only want you to take part in this if you feel comfortable.

If you think this is something you want to wait until we bring officially to market – no problem – just understand at that point you will be paying the regular retail cost.

But to be honest judging by my results with “Creatine X” that will be totally worth it none the less

I’m really Excited

Every once in a while a supplement comes along that has the potential to really be huge. I am pretty pumped about my results so far (literally pumped!!)

So if you want be one of the 20 lifters making the other guys in the gym wonder what the hell you are on in the next 30 days. Click the order link below

For Paypal go HERE

Creatine X – 300 grams

Crushing it!



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