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Hi Curd –

I’m sorry for blowing past you last night after my powerlifting – I was feeling a bit nauseous and needed to sit down and have some water!

I’m glad “deadlift week” is over, but really pleased with the 405 on Monday – increased my deadlift PR from 330 to 405 within 9 months of my hernia repair.  Thanks a million to you and Phil.


Hi curd 
In four days will mark my two years that i walked in to your gym and you took me under your wing . You help me transformed my body from fat and unfit to fit and stronger and in shape … So today Curd im take the time to let you know and the people know that am very thankful that you helped me changed my life and gave me the tools to make better choices in my life. You have also help me with my inner-self. Hostyle is my home and will be for as long as i live….. Thank you curd hos ….

Eric Whissell – lost 200 lbs 


May 2011 I was 265 lb smoker who decided to change his lifestyle. I decided to start getting into shape and started training at Hostyle Conditioning and doing a little running (5 km was my limit).

Yesterday I completed a 50km trail race, non stop running, (I only walked to eat and a couple of steeper hills). Life is great! Thanks to Brian Casey , Curd Hos and Tobin Hostylekbell and everyone else at Hostyle for the coaching and encouragement.

Looking forward to the next challenge, Spartan Trifecta, AROO!!!

John T – lost 40lbs ~ now 225

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  1. Ian Sanderson - October 18, 2012 1:13 pm

    I really like how your testimonials don’t beat around the bush. “Fat and unfit to fit and stronger and in shape” that is how people really feel. I always say be proud to walk through the door of a gym. Your better than the person that walked past the door.

    I love my BENCH FREAK shirt!!!


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