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Why Don’t We Exercise – Some Constraints About Exercise

motivation to exerciseThe light and dark phases of the Earth slowly embrace you as you journey through you never ending sea of paperwork, pointless meetings, mindless internet searches and idle stretches of time glued to your television for some bleak release from reality.  The void between the days and nights seems ever so slowly dwindling away as you fade into the folds of your couch and you wonder, what am I missing?

In life that is.

You know what the worst part about being an effective personal coach is not knowing what it’s like NOT to exercise.  It’s one thing to be able to describe, demonstrate and properly execute an effective training program, but the most important thing that you have to persuade your clients is how will this benefit them and make their lives better.  Ah hell, forget better, think AWESOME!

Training to Live

Now we all know how important training and fitness is for the body.  It helps with just about everything from depression to insomnia.  It helps focus our attention and helps promote better study and work habits.  It helps our heart, lungs and nervous systems function better.  And it helps build muscle, burn fat and keep us looking good naaked! Right, right!

We all know why exercise is important, so why don’t we do it?

Not Enough Hours in the Day

The most common constraint about exercise is the amount of time that it consumes.  This is true, exercising can take up quite a bit of your time, but only if you let it.

For a beginner, nearly half the time you can get very positive results simply by engaging in as little as 15-30 minutes of fast paced activity.  Sound to good to be true?  No, it’s not.

Nearly half the beginning clientele most trainers see can only do about 15 minutes of high intense activity.  Sure, you can milk out a session for longer which is fine, but if you’re going at it alone all you need to do is push hard for those 15 – 30 minutes.  The benefits are still there.

Persistancy Fail

Often times the biggest thing that kills progress is a lack of consistency.  These are the folks that go-in and out of training cycles effectively spinning their wheels without any real sense of where they’re going.  They want to get to Point B, but seem to lose interest part way through because of either a lack of how to get there or the lack of habit or incentive.  When things don’t just HAPPEN they lose the drive.

And it happens, it happens to all of us.  Guys are probably the worst at this venture for we’re more of a one-shot-one-kill type mentality and if it doesn’t happen in a week or so, we’re off and running to the next best thing.

Women tend to be more focused toward their ending goals, however, lacking the proper insight on how to get from their current Point A they end up trying everything in the book and beyond to reach Point B.  This cycle of trying endless forms of training often results in frustration, anger and eventually failure.

Finding a program or mode of exercise that works for you and your schedule is the most important thing.  Figure out what you can stand doing for the long haul and get it done!  And don’t just give it a half-hearted effort and then switch mid-stream.  Give whatever program you find in your full effort for at least 6 weeks and then decide to switch it up.

This process need not be any more complicated than that.


Finding your true motivation is a key to completing your journey in fitness; however, one must realize that this story never ends.  The key to beginning your adventure starts with making a consistent effort to knock out some easy exercises when you can for about 15-30 minutes and do it often.  Don’t accept that there are constraints about exercise for these are self-imposed limitations.

You’re not going to be a super star right out of the gate, but you’ll at least be moving in the right direction.  Stay focused and start pushing people.  You can do it.  Make it easy and get going!



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