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screw you scale I win

Check out what Luc did in just 4 days…

I also Thought of calling the blog post

“Screw you Scale, I win”


Hey Kids!!

I am just checking in on you guys, we had some craziness on Wednesday that caused many things to get shut down including our Wed 8 pm session.

But we must carry on with our lives despite the tragedy…

One of our current 14 day Fat furnace clients Luc is doing just that

He did a weigh in this morning after his 6 am bootcamp here at Hostyle…

and POW!!! he is already down 6 lbs!!!! in just 4 days…

He also proceeded to tell me about his daily intake, had 2 questions about the food plan and was able to show me his food Journal…

Thats why he is having great success…

He is taking Action – Using his Food Journal, and he is working out, its not magic at this point, its him working the system of the 14 day fat furnace….

Keep Crushing it!!!

Any questions You know where to find me



Ready to take your weight loss to the next level?

Then our Hostyle Nutrition Seminar is just what the scale ordered!!!

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Coming off the 14 day Fat Furnace you are going to want to get your nutrition set up for the next 6 weeks and this is where you will learn to do just that..

Between the 14 day fat furnace and the Hostyle Nutrition Seminar you could be
15- 25 lbs leaner by Christmas.

Imagine you’re the one everyone is talking about at the xmas parties and the especially that New Year’s eve party.

You’re rocking that lil black dress while everyone else is getting drunk and making the new year’s resolution to stop feeling miserable and lose 20 lbs.

You will already there
You will be their motivation
Hell most will be envious…

and that’s OK coz you kicked ass eating much better and training hard. You will have earned it!

and most of all you Deserve it!!!

So keep that Awesomeness coming

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