Hostyle Conditioning


Hostyle introduce “The Farm” Youth conditioning

Hostyle conditioning introduces “The Farm” Youth Conditioning now at our Facilty Shawn Naylor brings his amazing energy and incredible knowledge to Hostyle and is training Young Athletes to dominate their sport of choice. Here’s a little clip of some footwork drills..check out the little weiner in the white Farm T sporting the Hostyle Beanie..Thats my kid …Young Braedon “Hostyle” Hos all of 11 years old bringing it with the other young guns…

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Hostyle Weigh in Week #9

Well it’s week #9 of the 275 challenge And after my long weekend in Sudbury with my kids hockey tournament. Food was an issue living in a hotel, going from arena to arena. so I knew I had to buckle down come monday. I worked really hard monday, tuesday, wednesday and then hit the scale Thursday. check out the video below to see how I did.

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The Hostyle Vision

  I get asked often what is Hostyle Conditioning and what makes it different from types of training. I talk about my philosophy on training, intensity and change.

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