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central nervous system recovery

Curing Your Nervous System Hangover

Carl Johnson sat down on the bench next to him with a huff of annoyance.  This was the fourth time this week that he’d been out of gas after a workout.  After not even starting a workout really.  He had managed to get through his warm-up fine, dynamic stretching went well, but the first main exercise felt like a million pounds.  Even the warm-up weights were slightly harder than they should have been but no big issue, he thought to[…]

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new years resolution solutions

How Do You Get Back In Shape?

Bill and Sly were out on a hunting trip to score a big buck with their bows this December.  Bill was having a rough day and was struggling to keep up to Sly, who seemed to just fly across the landscape as easily as the deer themselves.  Bill finally got up the nerve to ask Sly what his secret was to staying in shape over the holiday season.  There had to be something that Bill was missing.  He worked out,[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning gets a new Trap Bar

Pretty excited about our newest acquisition. I had been looking for a pretty heavy duty Trap bar..not being able to find one i had one made. Check it out   7 1/2 feet long Can fit 16 45lbs plates with a collar per side. Super well balanced ADJUSTABLE handles so it can fit ANY body type weighs 80 lbs   I’m gonna give it a ride tonite Going to hit 10 sets Trap bar Deadlifts x 10 Heavy Kettlebell Swings[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Front Squats and Kettlebell Upright Row Press Hybrid workout

My third installment of Powerlifting / Kettlebell Hybrid workout routines. This was 8 rounds of Barbell front squats for 6 Reps and Kettlebell Upright row Press for 12 reps each…90 secs of rest between sets. Use a weight you can front squat 10 -12 reps with and then a heavier weight for your kettlebell upright row press. I am getting some of my Hostyle athletes to do the 3 hybrid workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday . After 3 weeks[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Deadlift and Kettlebell Swings Hybrid Workout

Our next installment of Kettles and Powerlifting Hybrid training This was 8 rounds of Deadlifts for 5 Reps and Double Kettlebell Swingsfor 15 reps each…90 secs rest between sets Use a weight you can deadlift 10 -12 reps with and then a a moderate weight for your Bouble kettlebell swings..

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