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Squats Are A Waste of Time

Sweat drips down the back of your neck and along the furrows of your panicked brow.  The vein running along your upper forehead pulses with effort as you descend down into the depths of the unknown, the heavy bar digging deep into your traps as you squeeze out another rep.  What a joke!  I don’t even know why people squat anymore!  I mean they rip your knee joints apart and destroy your low back muscles.  They’re very difficult to learn[…]

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motivation to exercise

Why Don’t We Exercise – Some Constraints About Exercise

The light and dark phases of the Earth slowly embrace you as you journey through you never ending sea of paperwork, pointless meetings, mindless internet searches and idle stretches of time glued to your television for some bleak release from reality.  The void between the days and nights seems ever so slowly dwindling away as you fade into the folds of your couch and you wonder, what am I missing? In life that is. You know what the worst part[…]

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Top Conditioning Exercises for Youth Athletes

Top Six Conditioning Exercises for Youth Athletes

So there we were, panting on the floor, gasping for air.  Our heart and lungs felt like they were on fire!  Our legs were gooey and felt like melted candle wax and our upper back muscles gave out quiet little spasms as they flexed and relaxed under duress of the intense conditioning session we just performed. This is how it feels to push your body to the max and grind through endless rounds of high intensity physical efforts.  It’s not[…]

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Running After A Layoff

Be Fit To Run – Running After A Long Layoff

Running isn’t something that you typically here your typical meathead chatting about endlessly, but the truth of the matter is I really enjoy running.  It helps me focus, clear my head and I really don’t have to engage in any other thought process other than right foot, left foot, breathe. Running is one of those essential movement skills that everyone should be able to do in at least some capacity.  However it is often one of those skills that goes[…]

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The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared!

The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared! This past Saturday March 22nd we held one our most popular seminars. The Beast Bench Press Seminar! We had over 15 people attend. First of all I want to thank Coach Jess, Rachel and Renee for helping me deliver this kick ass seminar. We had lots of the ladies of Iron and the men of Steel attend. Many were our Hostyle peeps and many new faces. Over the course of the[…]

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get stronger in 10 steps Orleans Personal Trainer

10 Things that will make you Stronger

10 Things that will make you Stronger Everyone wants to get bigger and stronger. Here are 10 starting points to get you headed in the right direction. Are there more? Absolutely but master these and you will be well on your way. 1 – Deadlift Of the 3 big lifts (squat – bench – deadlift) The deadlift is the king for building brute power and strength. This one exercise will improve • Power • Core • Explosiveness • Thick muscle[…]

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Action conquers Fear everytime

I recently posted a video on youtube and Facebook of me squatting. It’s been a long time since I hit that exercise. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. It’s been literally years since I dead any heavy Barbell squats. But I wanted to get back into this exercise since I had been back into dead lifting for the last 8 weeks or so. Having Coach Jess here with us at Hostyle has also motivated me as he is crazy into[…]

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Fit Mommy bootcamp orleans Hostyle conditioning

Fitness for Moms

My mom was awesome and yours is too!  As most of you will agree, your mom is always going to be your number one, but have you considered that your mom’s health may suffer because of her fitness level?  Moms fitness is of utmost importance nowadays with the ever increasing demand on all of our time. You may dislike her at times, you might even fight with her, but who else can you say has always been there for you? […]

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fitness motivation - hostyle conditioning

Motivation for Exercise

A funny thing happened to me one day in an 0600hr physical training formation, while I was still in the Active Duty military.  Our Executive Officer at the time, turned to me and asked how I got my motivation for exercise at such an early hour of the morning. I turned to her and replied enthusiastically, “Well, I have two cups of coffee, foam roll,…and then snort a foot long line of cocaine of the kitchen counter!” The very next[…]

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