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Hostyle Week #6 Weigh in

  Week 6 is here. Wasnt expecting a great weigh in after my monday night extra cheat nite while in Toronto for the Leafs game. It was a great night out with my wife and with the nachos and beer, as well as two days of train food, I couldn’t expect anything else. That being said, my rule about not losing weight at a weigh-in comes into effect. Any week I don’t achieve a weight loss, I lose the saturday[…]

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Hostyle On Bands and Chains for Bench Press

  I haven’t posted much in the way of our powerlifting lately, so it’s time to address that. I train powerlifting 1 -2 times per week. Usually Tueday’s with Pat Barnes and Friday’s in Montreal or Saturday’s here if I don’t go on Fridays. I have been doing a lot of chain pressing recently and decided it was time to add the ole bands in for a 3 – 4 week mini cycle. The Video below show myself and Pat[…]

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Hostyle on Powerlifting and Strongman with Paul Vaillancourt

A good buddy of mine who is also an exceptional Strongman athlete stopped by today and I had a chance to sit down with Paul and talk powerlifting, strongman and bodybuilding. Similar to an earlier video I did with Pat Barnes on Bodybuilding and Powerlifting, Paul and I talked about how the 3 worlds of Powerlifting, Strongman, and bodybuilding should and could co-exist. Combining the 3 worlds in your training would produce a better trained athlete in strength, power, endurance[…]

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Hostyle Powerlifter vs Bodybuilder

  Today I decided it was time tackle the age old debate on powerlifting and bodybuilding being separate sports. In this video I sit down with Pat Barnes who is a drug free bodybuilder. Pat has been training with me for over a year, doing heavy bench training every tuesday morning. Watch the video.

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