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“300” Kettlebell Challenge

This was our 7 pm Kettlebell workout last night . every 3-4 weeks I through out this 300 challenge so my clients can benchmark there improvements in cardio and strength as well as kettlebell technique. Tobin’s Hostyle 300 Wake Up Challenge 40 x 2 Handed Swings 20 x Upright Rows and Press 40 x Kettlebell Crunches 40 x Catchers Squats (elbows touch) 20 x Kettlebell Pushups 40 x Around the body once & Switch (count 1 per switch) 40 x[…]

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What did you do after supper Last Nite?

It’s often a long day..supper’s done and the kids are finally in bed asleep hopefully if it’s after 9 pm. What now? Watch some crappy reality TV Show (lose a few brain cells)? Eat some Shit Quality Food like chips and ice cream (ooohh it’s low fat the label says)? How Many Reality Shows do you think This Lady watches….. Drink a few too many Beers or glasses of wine – telling yourself it’s good for your health to have[…]

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What happens when u train at Hostyle Conditioning

Close your eyes….   Take a deep breath….   Now imagine what it would feel like if you …   • Were 30 lbs lighter • Were able to run 5 k • Can play with your kids all day outside and not be tired • Could dance with your partner all night • Could move better than ever with no pain   Keep your eyes closed and picture yourself …   • Trying on new smaller sized clothes •[…]

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Spartan – “Courageous in the face of pain, danger, or adversity” AND MUD!!!

On June 2/3, the Spartan Sprint Race returned to Ottawa.   The race was 5k of running with about 20 crazy obstacles at the Rideau-Carleton Race Way.      Spartan races are a unique challenge ~   one does not know what obstacles are going to be on the course until one arrives at each.  Last year, the  terrain (Camp Fortune) made the race a challenge. This year, the terrain was pretty tame, but the MUD was  insane.     By the time we (seven Hostyle athletes) started our races around noon on Sunday,  it was raining yet AGAIN and the footing was nothing but mud and slippery grass.[…]

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Mobility Mobility Mobility

You can never work mobility enough especially for the hips and shoulders. So with Tonites 6 pm Mobility class I am starting a week long focus on the shoulders. Not only will we be doing it tonite but it will be added to the end of every workout this week. Also don’t forget that its Squat Thruster month in June. Every day we are doing 25 squat thrusters. Squats are elbows to knees in depth and we are using a[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning delivers an exceptional workout

We do a ton of different workouts here at Hostyle conditioning everyday. I’d like to think they are all awesome. For the most part they are very good and challenging. As I watch a workout go from paper and pen – to the white board – then into action I get to see the reality of the workout and how it really impacts the group that’s performing it. Every so often A workout come up that really rocks the group,[…]

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