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Hostyle Spartan Training

Hostyle hits the Springtime Running….

Now that its awesome outside again we have started incorporating running back into our training here at Hostyle.   Many of us are getting ready for Spartan in June and The Army run in September as well as our own “Run Like Hell-th” 5 and 10 km event in September too. Not to mention the crazy amount of 5 and 10 k’s that happen virtually every weekend from now till winter time. Then there’s the 1/2 marathons, full marathons, and[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning – Run Like Health 5 and 10k walk and run to send kids to sports camps

This past Sunday we held the it was the first year we joined forces with Beauchamp Chiropractic to organize and run the event.   It was a pleasure working along side Dr Nathalie Beauchamp I really am excited to be part of this, and to be able to help kids from our community be able to attend sports camps, whose family wouldn’t normally be able to afford it. I was also so very proud to see so many of[…]

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Hostyle Army Run Protocol

  Pre-Race Lst training run or “shakedown” should be at least two or three days before, and limited to  few kms. Saturdays are “cheat days” for many of us.  I would not “cheat” on your diet the night before, as the race is fairly early in the day – opt for a clean meal, and limit or avoid alcohol.  Hydrate the night before if desired.  For those of us that hit the gym at 8am on a Saturday morning –[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning 6 am workout Ottawa Kettlebell Bootcamp 613-830-9300

I really liked this workout this morning, It incorporated Cardio, strength and core. We had 2 lanes going one had the prowler the other had the sled which had to be pulled backwards. While a person was doing this combo, everyone else was on a different station and once someone finished their prowler /sled combo everyone one rotated stations and then someone else had their turn on the prowler/sled combo. Then each round we increased the number of trips to[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning 1000 rep challenge 613-830-9300

This morning marked the return of the 1000 rep challenge! it consisted of 1000 reps 4 Rounds Kettlebell Swings – 100 reps Angry Kats – 50 reps Chins – 25 reps Squat Thrusters – 25 1/2 get ups – 10 side Deadlifts – 10 Burpees – 20 the faces of a 1000 reps All focus Pushing thru Just a little More Concentrate on 5 reps at time

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Hostyle Conditioning Kettlebell Spartan Training outside

Last Night we hit the Hills for some Kettlebell – Spartan Style Training We had the following Kettlebell Stations set up along the Course up and and down the Hill. ATH – Around the Head Upright Row and Press Towel Swings Also Sled Dragging Sled Pulling Pony Jump Station Big Hill run at the beginning of each round then short runs between stations Round # 1 10 reps of all stations Round # 2 20 reps Round # 3 30[…]

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