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screw you scale I win

Check out what Luc did in just 4 days…

I also Thought of calling the blog post “Screw you Scale, I win”   Hey Kids!! I am just checking in on you guys, we had some craziness on Wednesday that caused many things to get shut down including our Wed 8 pm session. But we must carry on with our lives despite the tragedy… One of our current 14 day Fat furnace clients Luc is doing just that He did a weigh in this morning after his 6 am[…]

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The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared!

The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared! This past Saturday March 22nd we held one our most popular seminars. The Beast Bench Press Seminar! We had over 15 people attend. First of all I want to thank Coach Jess, Rachel and Renee for helping me deliver this kick ass seminar. We had lots of the ladies of Iron and the men of Steel attend. Many were our Hostyle peeps and many new faces. Over the course of the[…]

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Deadlift Seminar Was a Blast!

Last Saturday was a blast! Students came from as far as Toronto to learn the proper techniques and some inside tips to deadlift like a beast! “Captain Smash,” Jesse Howland, and the boss, Curd Hos, gave students an in-depth look at how to lift weights from the floor. Students learned not only the different types of deadlifts but also how to properly do each one — such as the conventional deadlift, the sumo, straight-legged, Romanian, rack pulls, and more. Jesse[…]

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