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Mission accomplished!!

  The road to 550 bench press Mission accomplished!! This past Saturday April 1st I hit a milestone on the Bench press 550 lbs (see video Below) Its really cool to see that I can still get stronger at 49 years old. (testosterone plays a huge role in that) But it’s a shit ton of hard work. But the real work wasn’t in the gym. Don’t me wrong the bench season from December to April 1st where I competed twice[…]

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Who the Hell is Coach Andrew

Andrew grew up playing competitive sports. Baseball, Rugby and Hockey. His focus was hockey and in his last 2 years of minor hockey he played at the highest level. That was followed by three years of junior hockey in Rockland in which he was an assistant captain in the 3rd year. As an athlete he missed that competitive spirit until he found Hostyle. Hostyle brought that intensity and competitive drive that he had been missing since his competitive sport days.[…]

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Orleans bootcamp Hostyle COnditioning

Awesomeness at Hostyle this week

Some of the cool stuff that we saw at Hostyle this week….     Sabina adding some intensity to her Bring Sally up Push ups     Young Doug getting ready to Crush it on the Prowler!!     The 3 Amigos hitting some partner push-ups at the 7 pm general conditioning class Sean looking a little sideways after hitting the “Douchbag” Challenge in just over 50 minutes   Salima doing her first chin up ever!   Capt Smash teaching[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning rocks Petrie Island with our 2nd annual Kettlebell Beach Workout and BBQ

Hard to believe another year has blown past us… Hostyle Conditioning held its 2nd annual Kettlebell Beach workout and BBQ at Petrie Island this past Sunday August 25 2013. There were over 30 people in all who attended , worked out and help run this awesome event. The weather was perfect, not too hot and it was nice and sunny, perfect conditions to unleash Hostyle Awesomeness upon the beach. We were set up on the left hand side of the[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Testimonial – Serena’s Story

Here’s a testimonial I just received from a couple of our newer Hostyle Athletes.. They have been with us for just under 3 months… Curd, Back in March I was looking to do something to prepare for an upcoming trip to Mexico in May. I had noticed the sign outside of Hostyle Conditioning and was seeing more and more posts on Pinterest about kettlebells so after doing some research I contacted Curd.   I was expecting to get roped into[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning gets a new Trap Bar

Pretty excited about our newest acquisition. I had been looking for a pretty heavy duty Trap bar..not being able to find one i had one made. Check it out   7 1/2 feet long Can fit 16 45lbs plates with a collar per side. Super well balanced ADJUSTABLE handles so it can fit ANY body type weighs 80 lbs   I’m gonna give it a ride tonite Going to hit 10 sets Trap bar Deadlifts x 10 Heavy Kettlebell Swings[…]

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Hostyle hits the Springtime Running….

Now that its awesome outside again we have started incorporating running back into our training here at Hostyle.   Many of us are getting ready for Spartan in June and The Army run in September as well as our own “Run Like Hell-th” 5 and 10 km event in September too. Not to mention the crazy amount of 5 and 10 k’s that happen virtually every weekend from now till winter time. Then there’s the 1/2 marathons, full marathons, and[…]

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