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Spartan – “Courageous in the face of pain, danger, or adversity” AND MUD!!!

On June 2/3, the Spartan Sprint Race returned to Ottawa.   The race was 5k of running with about 20 crazy obstacles at the Rideau-Carleton Race Way.      Spartan races are a unique challenge ~   one does not know what obstacles are going to be on the course until one arrives at each.  Last year, the  terrain (Camp Fortune) made the race a challenge. This year, the terrain was pretty tame, but the MUD was  insane.     By the time we (seven Hostyle athletes) started our races around noon on Sunday,  it was raining yet AGAIN and the footing was nothing but mud and slippery grass.[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Shoulder Mobility

Here’s a video of our shoulder mobility workout that we finished our max effort workout with. Using the Hostyle stretch bands is a great way to really hit the smaller muscles and ligaments in the shoulder girdle. Two areas of the body that next constant mobility improvement are the shoulders and the hips. No matter who u are, what your level of athleticism is keep working these two areas.     The results in your mobility, functionality and physical performance[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning delivers an exceptional workout

We do a ton of different workouts here at Hostyle conditioning everyday. I’d like to think they are all awesome. For the most part they are very good and challenging. As I watch a workout go from paper and pen – to the white board – then into action I get to see the reality of the workout and how it really impacts the group that’s performing it. Every so often A workout come up that really rocks the group,[…]

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Hostyle video on the different bench grips

After the bench press seminar on saturday, I have had a few of the guys email me some questions. Which is great I want you to know Im here to help you guys out as much as I can. One of the questions that came up alot post seminar is the placement of the hands for wide, regular and, close or narrow grip. So while I was doing my volume bench training tonite I decided to shoot a quick video[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Ottawa Kettlebell Bootcamp 613-830-9300

Here is a little glimpse into the Kettlebell world inside of Hostyle Conditioning. We are committed to providing the best in kettlebell instruction in Ottawa. We focus on smaller groups allowing us to provide excellent coaching and technical training in kettlebells. Having our own dedicated facility allows us to run better bootcamps in ottawa as we have all kinds of equipment at our disposal for any class. whether it’s Kettlebell training, sandbags or prowlers, powerlifting or rowing we mix it[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Ottawa Bootcamp 613-830-9300

  This Morning was a great workout for the 6 am crew. One of may favorite formats for training Ottawa bootcamps is Timed intervals. This is a great way to train a group of people who have different fitness levels. I pick a series of exercises and the group has to perform as mant reps as possible for the prescribed time. So is some in is fitter or stronger in burpees he or she will get more reps within the[…]

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