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Hostyle Conditioning Exercise Video – Sandbag Training

Here is a video we shot a while back going over some sandbag training. One of the most important aspects of training is to routinely change things up. Here is a few reasons why; Physical variety – change the stress on the body and keep the body having to adapt Mental variety – nothing kills progress like boredom – engage the brain and your body will follow Every style of training hits different weak points. Coz I said so..sometime asking[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning is going to crush the St Joseph Fall Festival Saturday Sept 14th 2013

Hey everyone As some of you may know I have had my business in the Orleans community for 13 years now. I love this area and have made it my home for my business and raising my family. I first opened Fitness Warehouse on st Joseph Blvd, originally at 2095 St Joseph Blvd and then started Hostyle Conditioning 3 years ago. Then on April 1st We moved to 1977A St Joseph under The Royal Oak. This coming Saturday September 14th[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning rocks Petrie Island with our 2nd annual Kettlebell Beach Workout and BBQ

Hard to believe another year has blown past us… Hostyle Conditioning held its 2nd annual Kettlebell Beach workout and BBQ at Petrie Island this past Sunday August 25 2013. There were over 30 people in all who attended , worked out and help run this awesome event. The weather was perfect, not too hot and it was nice and sunny, perfect conditions to unleash Hostyle Awesomeness upon the beach. We were set up on the left hand side of the[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Guest Blog from one of the O.G. Hostyle Family

When I think about how far Hostyle has grown evolved over the last 3 years, I think of the many clients that are with us for the long term, really it’s more like their part of the Hostyle Family. ..and the family just keeps getting bigger!… For sure our training is very, very good. For sure we have excellent coaches that care about each and everyone of our family members. The thing that really is fueling our growth and overall[…]

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On Vacation – No excuse not to Train – Here’s a weeks worth of vacation workouts

You’ve busted your ass training for month’s now…or you have just started to get into a good workout rhythm..don’t drop it all now just cause your on vacation!! It already August, and that means summer is half over. This has been a great summer so far the weather for the most part has been fantastic. Many of you have already taken 1 – 2 weeks holidays or are about to do so this month. That being said there is no[…]

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More Feed back At Hostyle from one of the ladies….

More cool Feed back from one of Hostyle Athletes       It’s not always about the weightloss so much as they increase in stamina and performance, or as we call it “Your Level of Awesomeness” Hi ladies, I couldn’t find May’s email address so one of you are going to have to pass this on to her. So after Tuesday’s work out, I was totally discouraged, mostly because I spent a good chunk of it trying to keep ceasar[…]

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