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Hostyle Weekly Weigh in Week # 15

Hey everyone, it’s been a few weeks since I posted my weekely weigh in Status. I have been super busy (still not a excuse) I also got hit with bronchitis and fever so that took some time to get back into the training swing of things. But I have been back into training for the last week to 10 days. Especially pleased that I am back doing my 5 k walks, although it’s been quite chilly and rainy, so i’m[…]

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Hostyle on the importance of Protein

  One of the most basic fundamentals fo Hostyle nutrition is Protein intake. Yesterday I spoke to 15 atheletes from “The Farm” youth conditioning. Watching Shawn working the boys hard I knew it was important for me to address protein requirements. Shawn had asked me earlier in the week if I could do a talk on nutrition mid week for his spring camp. I could have have talked about many aspects, but with only 30 minutes as a time frame, I[…]

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Hostyle goes Heavy Mettle

Those of you who know me, know how much I love my heavy metal. Infact you`ll often hear metallica, Ozzy and Iron Maiden blasting as, I run a class or I do my own workout. But the Mettle I am going to talk about today is a cool new sports performance supplement from Precision Nutrition. It`s a Intra workout supplement, Intra meaning during your workout.  

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Why Soda Is Making You Fat!

If you’ve been drinking one or more sodas every day, that aluminum can in your hand is to blame for those extra digits on the scale. We’re not talking a couple pounds either. We’re talking long term weight gain.One can of cola adds more than 100 calories to your daily intake. That’s over 10 lbs of additional body fat every year. Obesity, type-2 diabetes, and soda addiction have all risen together steadily and scarily over the past decades. Coincidence? Not a[…]

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