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This is when I hit rock bottom – Cat’s Story

This is when I hit rock bottom – Cat’s Story I was asked a question a few days ago and it has taken me a few days to come up with the answer but I figured it was better to sit and think about it then just say something on the spot. Why do you go to the gym so much? How does someone answer that? I could have said that I love the gym and I go there to[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Getting started in your 40’s

Hostyle is all about getting better as we get older in fact this is our Mission Statement Hostyle is focused on transforming men and women by helping them achieve levels of strength and conditioning they never thought possible! We exist to crush the limitations that keep people from living the extraordinary life they have always wanted. Our dynamic training focuses on strength & cardio conditioning, weight loss, and overall fitness principles which help our clients improve their mobility, energy levels[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning is going to crush the St Joseph Fall Festival Saturday Sept 14th 2013

Hey everyone As some of you may know I have had my business in the Orleans community for 13 years now. I love this area and have made it my home for my business and raising my family. I first opened Fitness Warehouse on st Joseph Blvd, originally at 2095 St Joseph Blvd and then started Hostyle Conditioning 3 years ago. Then on April 1st We moved to 1977A St Joseph under The Royal Oak. This coming Saturday September 14th[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Workout challenge

Here is the workout I put my 6 am group thru this morning. I really liked how it challenged everyone on Cardio Mobility thru the hips and Shoulders Strength and Core   150 swings 40 spiderman push ups 40 clean and press then lunge left then right   100 swings 30 spiderman push ups 30 clean and press Lunge left lunge right   50 swings 20 spiderman push ups 20 clean and press lunge left lunge right   Guys use[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning How to The Kettlebell Windmill

Today I want to go over another great Kettlebell exercise that works mobility and stability with a tremendous amount of core activation. The Kettlebell Windmill is a full-body exercise You will be working Shoulder, hip and ankle mobility as well building great shoulder girdle stability at the same time. This movement should be done slowly and deliberately focusing on each part of the movement. One of the most important parts is the hip check or the “Sexy” as Tobin likes[…]

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Great offer to Try out Hostyle Conditioning !!!

  Do u know of someone who maybe interested in trying Hostyle Conditioning… Do u have someone who you would like to give the gift of awesomeness to? We r running a Living social deal for a 5 and 10 pass at hostyleconditioning This is for NEW CLIENTS who have never trained with us before checkout the link below and share the Hostyle experience !! if you haven’t trained with us and you have been wanting to, this is your[…]

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Video Review of some Kettlebell exercises that are often done wrong in training

When ever we start teaching kettlebells to individuals in class or to coaches and trainers in our Hostyle Kettlebell System certification, we cover quite a few different exercises. Sometimes we might not repeat certain kettlebell exercises often as there are many different moves aside from the core ones The basics that get repeated alot are; swings cleans clean and press snatch pendulums ATB’s ATH’s Catcher squats Crunches and V ups…… Then we have certain Kettlebell Moves that happen less often,[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Front Squats and Kettlebell Upright Row Press Hybrid workout

My third installment of Powerlifting / Kettlebell Hybrid workout routines. This was 8 rounds of Barbell front squats for 6 Reps and Kettlebell Upright row Press for 12 reps each…90 secs of rest between sets. Use a weight you can front squat 10 -12 reps with and then a heavier weight for your kettlebell upright row press. I am getting some of my Hostyle athletes to do the 3 hybrid workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday . After 3 weeks[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Deadlift and Kettlebell Swings Hybrid Workout

Our next installment of Kettles and Powerlifting Hybrid training This was 8 rounds of Deadlifts for 5 Reps and Double Kettlebell Swingsfor 15 reps each…90 secs rest between sets Use a weight you can deadlift 10 -12 reps with and then a a moderate weight for your Bouble kettlebell swings..

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