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How I get ready for a bench meet – video and training log

I have a CPF Powerlfting meet coming up May 9th – just around the corner.. I will be competing in the bench only – of course! Many lifters ask me how I get ready for my meets, so I decided to start a bench training video Journal of my training. I have been filming my Tuesday nite bench sessions. In each video I Outline what the workout for the session is. I then film my main lifts and some of[…]

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Top Conditioning Exercises for Youth Athletes

Top Six Conditioning Exercises for Youth Athletes

So there we were, panting on the floor, gasping for air.  Our heart and lungs felt like they were on fire!  Our legs were gooey and felt like melted candle wax and our upper back muscles gave out quiet little spasms as they flexed and relaxed under duress of the intense conditioning session we just performed. This is how it feels to push your body to the max and grind through endless rounds of high intensity physical efforts.  It’s not[…]

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Prowler Finisher, getting back to training

Well, the expansion at Hostyle is almost completed, there are still some small things to finish. Everyday i spend an hour or 2 after close to work on the smaller details. That being the case I have also been remiss in my workouts as of late. I think I hit 2 workouts in the last 3 weeks, and boy do I feel it. So Sunday Jess and I came in to hit a bench workout and discuss some Hostyle coaching[…]

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Youth Conditioning - CPT SMASH Rack Pulls

Youth Conditioning – Rack Pulls

In today’s Youth Conditioning segment I had a small class so we cut away to the weight room for some rack pulls!  Now rack pulls are a fairly intense exercise that can really load up the body with some serious poundage.   What is the rack pull you say?  Well, just watch this short little video clip on the Rack Pull for a full explanation. The rack pull is an awesome lift that helps prepare younger athletes for those bigger[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Exercise Video – Sandbag Training

Here is a video we shot a while back going over some sandbag training. One of the most important aspects of training is to routinely change things up. Here is a few reasons why; Physical variety – change the stress on the body and keep the body having to adapt Mental variety – nothing kills progress like boredom – engage the brain and your body will follow Every style of training hits different weak points. Coz I said so..sometime asking[…]

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