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The #1 Secret you need to know to succeed…

I’m about to reveal the Secret!   Tired of feeling like crap inside and out! Looking around you are totally unhappy and even pissed off at life!? There is one thing that will transform your life immediately.. The secret is…..       Action!!   Yup that’s it plain and simple..   Simple but yet amazingling powerful!   You have been getting all kinds of emails from me at Hostyle   Lots of great information Tons of actionable tips So[…]

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Some of the Awesomeness coming down the the Pipe at Hostyle

To say that things have been crazy at Hostyle would be an understatement! April 1st will be our 4th anniversary here at this location. It’s been amazing! I still remember the nite we moved in, a huge overnight endevour that ended at 3:30 in the morning. I sent out and email and a FB post to let the 6 am class know we had moved, and no it wasn’t April fools! Since then we went from 5500 sq ft to[…]

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Building your back strength to reduce injury

Hostyle Strength Challenge VII

It’s time to revive a lifting classic, the Hostyle Strength Challenge, formerly known as the “Fitness Warehouse Strength Challenge”. When we were strictly a retail outfit under Fitness Warehouse, we began running an outdoor powerlifting competition. In fact, many of today’s local active powerlifters lifted for the first time in one of our previous six Strength Challenges. We started with the bench press and added the deadlift, and in later years we added log press and farmers walk building on the[…]

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Who Decides?

Unless you shape your life, circumstances will shape it for you. Achieving the life you want requires work, sacrifice, investment, and persistence. Strangely, most people don’t ever bother getting specific about what they want. It’s hard to reach a destination if you don’t know where it is. If others have already achieved what you’re trying to – study them and follow their blueprint. It really doesn’t matter where you’re starting from… …only where you want to go. Have the self-confidence[…]

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4 Mind tricks for improving Motivation

4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks

Are you struggling with self motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? Finding more and more reasons to cheat on your healthy diet? You’re not alone and today I’ve got just the 4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks that you need to lock onto your goals… A healthy dose of motivation coupled with determination will get you almost anything in life. So how do you know if you’re genuinely motivated? Motivation will tell you to get out of bed[…]

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screw you scale I win

Check out what Luc did in just 4 days…

I also Thought of calling the blog post “Screw you Scale, I win”   Hey Kids!! I am just checking in on you guys, we had some craziness on Wednesday that caused many things to get shut down including our Wed 8 pm session. But we must carry on with our lives despite the tragedy… One of our current 14 day Fat furnace clients Luc is doing just that He did a weigh in this morning after his 6 am[…]

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Fat Loss

Declaring War On Fat Loss

You know there’s a lot to be said about moderation.  The word is that “moderation in all things including moderation” will bring about good results.  However when the topic comes concerning fat loss you might as well grab a snickers, because you’re going to be there a while.  Moderation is a fatal thing.  Nothing succeeds like excess.  – Oscar Wilde Moderation is akin to mediocre or medium, so when you’re talking about fat loss, why settle for anything less than[…]

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Workout of the Day - Infinity Prowler Sprint - Hostyle Conditioning

Workout of the Day – Infinity Prowler Sprints

So today’s workout was a little too awesome for words, so I thought I’d add a little flare to it.  Prowler sprints anyone? And you’re welcome! Today’s workout is the INFINITY PROWLER SPRINTS, basically a long, arduous prowler workout. In this workout the only goal is to keep adding weight to the prowler and keep that puppy moving for as long as possible. There’s no real time frame until completion or failure to complete a full lap with the prowler.[…]

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Tobin’s Kettlebell Corner

These challenges are designed to push different limits, cardio, flexibility, strength, focus and more.  In the end, strong technique will be your edge. Proper form and safety should not be compromised for speed and time. Test yourself and compare results at a later date. You are competing against yourself and maybe, just maybe everyone else. Stay tuned for short videos to help show you the form and variance we are looking for in effort to compare apples with apples. Share[…]

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