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More exciting news at Hostyle…

One of the things you will often here me saying ( yes, I often have a lot to say) “There is no age to change your life and go after something you have always dreamed of doing” If you look around you at Hostyle, the majority of our clients are over 40. Men and Women in there 40’s – 50’s – and yes 60’s GSD ing it (Getting Shit Done) Being around these people is truly inspiring! The atmosphere at[…]

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From Fat – Broke and an Alcoholic to building a Kickass Training Facility

A Dream come true….   Everyone has dreams and goals. Anyone who knows me, knows I have 100’s and that’s being conservative. I have worked hard all my life. Always working on the next thing. I have had some great successes and some near fatal catastrophes. At the basis of all that I have done, the very part of me that’s makes me truly me is weightlifting and powerlifting. I have owned a few gyms over the 25 + years.[…]

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the hangar gym

The Hangar – Video of 3 new pieces that have arrived

New Equipment arrivals at the Hangar Gym The Prone Row Bench – Olympic Bench – Belt Squat I’m like a kid in a candy store! Last week I drove to Toronto and back to pick up these 3 piece. Coach Andrew and Aidan met me back at the Hangar around 11:30 pm to put them together! By Midnite we were working out on these kick ass pieces of equipment!   The Prone Row Bench The Heavy Duty Olympic Bench Press  The[…]

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Competition bench press at the Hangar

The new Bench Press coming to the Hangar

Any one who knows even a little about me or Hostyle know that I have a love for the bench press! From day one I have had our heavy duty competition bench here at Hostyle.   Nothing worse than trying to build your bench press on a bench that’s not wide enough or at the proper height to be able to engage effective leg drive. Worse yet you’re training for a bench meet and when you get to use the competitive official[…]

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