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IDFA Ottawa Gatineau Classic bodybuilding and figure

How to Build An Award Winning Physique

First, off I’d like to congratulate my two physique competitors Natalie and Laura on their big wins this weekend!  Natalie ended up placing 1st in Masters Physique and 2nd in Open Physique, while Laura rocked out an impressive 3rd place in the bikini division.  You guys are awesome and I’m so proud to be your coach for your journey into bodybuilding and competitions.

physique competition, bikini competition Orelans, Ontario

In light of this weekends activity, I just have to say that unlike many others in the world today I absolutely love my job!

I help get people in the best shape off their lives to hop on to compete in bodybuilding and physique shows, powerlifting meets, overcome illness and disease and just feel better every day; what’s not to love about a job that helps you make people more awesome!

It’s not just a career for me it’s a lifestyle. It’s a challenge and a thrill to take someone from ground zero to the stage where they compete against their peers or I’m many cases younger individuals and succeed to win medals.

The knowledge one attains through finding themselves along the way is empowering to say the least and serves to build a tough and resilient athlete that is unstoppable once they’ve convinced themselves off the goal.

Take Laura, who came to me in the spring with all sorts of pain and muscle imbalances.  Laura was referred to me by a personal friend, who also happens to be Hostyle’s A.R.T. ninja, Jose.  I gave Laura an assessment and the results were pretty standard.  Muscle weakness, imbalances and just overall lack of physical awesome.  The results were in and the very next day we started our adventure.

We had been training for several weeks, getting stronger and fitter by the day and then she decides to do something crazy—a physique show.  Laura went from “weak as a kitten” I quote myself to one of my strongest and most dominating women in the gym in a matter of 13 weeks.

The conversation when she first decided to do the show went something like this…

“You’re not ready for a show,” I said.  “You should train at least for a year before competing just to let your body settle into training and get some strength and muscle mass.”

“No, no, I need a goal,” Laura said.  “I’m going to do this!”

“Alright, I help you get there,” I said.  “But it’s going to be a helluva ride.”  “Hold onto your butt!”

And this is why I love my job!  My athletes are driven, motivated and ready to dominate the world.  And you know what?  They can do it too!



Bodybuilding and Physique Shows

Physique shows are some of the most demanding and challenging endeavors one can engage in simply because of the overall discipline and mental engagement necessary for success.

Not only is the training hard and demanding, but let’s just consider the other variables that come in to play when you’re preparing your body to look and perform at its best.  Depending upon where you start it can take a few months and up to a year in order to properly prepare an athlete for that one special day up on stage.

training for physique shows

You have to consider the food prep, cycling dietary strategies, and conditioning, then let’s add in some family issues and work commitments on top of the training and you’ve got quite a puzzle to solve.

Oh and let’s not forget the hours and hours posing practice.

bodybuilding posing practice


Overall when you’ve decided to get into bodybuilding you eat, drink and breathe bodybuilding.  Everything becomes part of the solution and if not its part of the problem.

At times there’s very little room for error and other times you have a bit of wiggle room, but it takes a bit of knowledge and foresight to know where you can eek by with minimal effort.

And that my friends’ is the challenge, for everyone is different and poses unique variables to consider with every competitor.  Making it somewhat like playing Doctor House with a case of a saggy bum and rubbery arms.


Sculpting the Human Form

The individual differences are where the coach becomes more of a sculptor, organizer, monthly planner and wartime strategist.  You put the pieces of each individual’s lifestyle together and make it work for them.  Get their training up to par and start working on improving the overall muscle mass and physical qualities that will benefit them up on stage.

strength coaching orleans, personal training orleans

You beef up the areas that need more size and add some high intensity conditioning to trim down on the areas that need to be slimmer.  You set to work with your sculpting tools of barbell, dumbbell and kettlebells to build up some beneficial mass to create symmetry, balance, and an overall shape that makes most people green with envy.

Then you continue to chisel into that hard earned physique with several months of dietary strategy and nutritional mentoring.  Shaping and sculpting abs where there used to be flab, chiseling deep striations and cuts into the legs and arms.

conditioning for figure competition

You then channel all that positive energy into poses that benefit both the athletes’ physique and detract from any flaws.  That my friends is bodybuilding.

But What About the Fun…

Let’s be honest, bodybuilding and physique shows aren’t for everyone.  To be quite honest they’re rigorous and demanding.  But for some they’re incredibly fun and challenging.  It’s a test of wills and spirit to put your body on the line each day trying to make it better, bigger, leaner, stronger, and fitter.  And that’s where the magic happens…

It’s that feeling of stepping on stage in peek physical condition and posing your ass off, literally, that makes it all worthwhile.

IDFA Ottawa Gatineau Classic bodybuilding and figure

That’s not to say there’s not room for fun and personal time, but many sacrifices are made by these driven athletes to stay on track and get their bodies ready to make an appearance onstage.  And it’s my job to give them a purpose where they find none, keep them moving in the right direction when they falter, and motivate them when they feel down.

For this reason I love training physique athletes.  They not only challenge me mentally, but their level of commitment and motivation sparks my passion for training making me steadfast in getting them to achieve their goals.

Are you ready to CRUSH IT?


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