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intermittent fasting for fat loss

Best Breakfast to Burn Bodyfat – Revealed

You wake up every morning and walk to the mirror, dousing your face with water as you check out the damage from last night’s spaghetti feed.  Today is the definitely the day you start your diet to lose the excess weight and you wonder what you’re going to have for breakfast.  The answer might be simpler than you think.  What should you eat you ask?

Absolutely nothing!

Right, Eating Nothing

Yes, that’s right you shouldn’t eat anything for breakfast.  I know, I know it sounds like a horrible plan to help you waist away to nothing; however, fasting for a while before eating can have a tremendous impact on helping you burn more fat effectively.

And trust me; humans were built for extended periods of fasting and feasting.  Humans wouldn’t be alive today if we didn’t have the ability to not eat for a while.

Think about it a minute.  What happened when you didn’t have food for an extended period of time?  Did you always have a ready to go meal packed away in the fridge or the grocery store?  Hell, no.  It took many years of civilization to develop methods to preserve food for long periods of time.  It took even longer for modern refrigeration techniques to have pre-packaged food products that are shelf-life stable and the ability to keep food fresh for weeks on end.

However, have our bodies adapted to this ability to have food constantly available and not have any ill effects from it?

The answer is no.  We have managed to make food that is easier to digest, tastier and extremely long lasting; however, our bodies weren’t built to handle this type of pre-digested baby food.

Why Prolonging Breakfast Works

The typical breakfast that most people stuff their faces with in the morning shortly after waking is loaded with carbohydrates, refined carbs most of the time, that plays havoc with blood sugar.  When blood sugar rises rapidly it releases a lot of insulin into the blood stream which essentially tries to shuttle all the blood sugar into fat and muscle cells.  The effect is impacted even stronger since the body has been in a fasted state overnight which elevates the effect.  Think about this the next time you reach for your chocolate frosted sugar bombs!

The real problem with this lies in the fact that insulin counteracts all the hormones that your body is using upon waking to burn bodyfat and bring your body up to speed for the day.  Cortisol, growth hormone, adrenaline are all initiated shortly upon waking to help bring your blood sugar up to par so that you can perform activities.  All of which help pull bodyfat out of storage and into the blood stream to get your body rolling for the day.

As soon as insulin hits the blood stream these other fat-burning hormones are shut down, essentially switching your body from fat burning mode to storage mode.  Doing this so early in the day is horrible for losing bodyfat.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the fat burning process going on longer?

The Fasted State

Essentially the longer you can remain in the fasted state (the state at which the body is running off stored fuel) the easier you can burn bodyfat.  Now the amount of fasting that a human being can tolerate is directly related to their current level of bodyfat stores and amount of glycogen stored in the muscles, as well as the amount of activity that they do.  Most people on average can manage to fast for quite long periods of time without any ill effects.  Many people can fast for over 24 hours with no ill effects, although it is recommended to build up to this long period of fasting over time.

If the goal is to burn bodyfat in the fastest and most convenient way possible, simply prolonging breakfast for a certain number of hours or even skipping it entirely boasts a lot of beneficial effects in terms of fat loss.

Combine this with some weight training (yes, you still have to lift) and some cardio during the fasted state and you’ll be able to burn off even more fat, faster.  Those calories still have to be put to good use after all and all the more reason to go for that next bench personal record.

Plus the weight training will help spare muscle tissue that the body may try use as fuel during prolonged fasting periods—which makes sense since if the body isn’t utilizing the muscles for anything it makes a quick fuel source.


So to lose weight in short order, skip the breakfast buffet and start just having some cups of good quality coffee.  All it takes is about three hours before eating anything or just wait until lunch.  This will help you kick start your fat loss efforts and increase the amount of insulin sensitivity in the body.  There’s obviously a lot more involved in losing a substantial amount of bodyfat, but intermittent fasting is a great way to help sustain the process with ease.  Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to make anything for breakfast.

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  1. John - May 6, 2014 6:15 pm

    I’ve read about intermittent fasting, I’ve even tried it for a week. What gets me is the morning after working out, I could eat the tailgate off my truck.

    Would black coffee effect insulin levels if I used that to help quash hunger on those mornings?

    • Michael - October 15, 2014 6:57 am

      Great article regarding intermittent fasting.

      Black coffee will not spike insulin – if it doesn’t contain cream or sugar.

      Taking a good quality bcaa that is not sugar loaded before and during intense workouts while fasted helps as does black, clean coffee

      • Jesse Howland - October 16, 2014 6:58 am

        Black coffee doesn’t spike insulin; however, the BCAA will depending upon the quantity of BCAA utilized. Most amino acids in their pure form will spike insulin to a degree, but will also release glucagon into the system as well. A much better scenario than insulin, but one must be careful the quantity of nutrients ingested. Pure fats are the only substance that appears to have no insulin response whatsoever, unless mixed with another macronutrient.

        -CPT SMASH

  2. Glenn - May 8, 2014 2:00 am

    Great entry Jess. Fast 5 ain’t just a movie.


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