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Hostyle 1000 rep challenge IV

    Today was another great morning to spring the 4th 1000 rep challenge on the advanced class this morning. They new they were in trouble when the old red Hostyle element pulled into the parking lot at 5 minutes to 8am. Jump squats 100 Ball slams 100 sit ups 100 Swings 2 Hands 100 Groiners 100 Snatches – any hand 100 push ups 50 Lunges 100 chins 50 Dbl Cleans Man makers 50 Facepulls 100 Barbell Squats here is[…]

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Hostyle Weigh in Week #9

Well it’s week #9 of the 275 challenge And after my long weekend in Sudbury with my kids hockey tournament. Food was an issue living in a hotel, going from arena to arena. so I knew I had to buckle down come monday. I worked really hard monday, tuesday, wednesday and then hit the scale Thursday. check out the video below to see how I did.

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Hostyle Kettlebell System – 1 Arm swing

  This is another video of some of our basic kettlebell techniques that are extremely important in acquiring basic kettlebell movements that are necessary to progress to more complicated movements. One arm swings are the key to running longer training cycles as well as transferring the kettlebell from one arm to the other. Proper technique ensures maintaining smooth rythum and avoids injury and wear on the elbow. Check it out and Crush your next workout with One arm swings!!!

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Hostyle Kettlebell ATH

Hey gang! Today Tobin (tah-bin) is demonstrating the ATH or around-the-head kettlebell manouver. This is a great shoulder rotator exercise that both works on shoulder mobility and strengthening. Check it out and be sue to Crush it on your next workout!    

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Hostyle Weigh in Week #7

So, I have to admit after last weeks 4 lb weight gain after my 2 extra cheat days in Toronto last Monday and Tuesday, I was back to the grind stone for this week. To be perfectly honest weighing in every week and putting my results up on video, really makes a big difference for keeping me accountable. I also knew where the damage from last week came from, so in knowing and being honest with myself I am better[…]

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Hostyle goes Heavy Mettle

Those of you who know me, know how much I love my heavy metal. Infact you`ll often hear metallica, Ozzy and Iron Maiden blasting as, I run a class or I do my own workout. But the Mettle I am going to talk about today is a cool new sports performance supplement from Precision Nutrition. It`s a Intra workout supplement, Intra meaning during your workout.  

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