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Monday Holiday Hours at Hostyle

Here is the schedule for this upcoming Monday at Hostyle 6 am 12 noon 6pm 7pm 8pm classes as usual Personal Training and Semi Private will also be happening! PS   A quick not about bringing kids into Hostyle. Unless your child is in a youth class 9 – 13 and 14 – 19 children are not permitted anywhere on the training floor. I have let a parents once in while when they are absolutely stuck bring their child, but[…]

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Even Fitness Coaches Need A Coach

It may surprise a lot of you to hear, but even great fitness coaches need their own coaches.  Why?  Because no one can look at themselves objectively and see what is truly going on behind the closed veil of our minds.  We are our own worst enemy when it comes to dealing with problems regarding issues that we are truly passionate about to the point of going nowhere fast.  Just look at this example of my pursuit of a better[…]

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Youth Conditioning - CPT SMASH Rack Pulls

Youth Conditioning – Rack Pulls

In today’s Youth Conditioning segment I had a small class so we cut away to the weight room for some rack pulls!  Now rack pulls are a fairly intense exercise that can really load up the body with some serious poundage.   What is the rack pull you say?  Well, just watch this short little video clip on the Rack Pull for a full explanation. The rack pull is an awesome lift that helps prepare younger athletes for those bigger[…]

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Testosterone. It’s what makes a man a MAN!! This issue we are going to look at a very important topic that greatly affects Men over 30 and by default affects the women in there lives. Testosterone!! It’s pretty well known fact that testosterone is THE Guy hormone! When we are 18 – 21 we ooze the the stuff, but as we approach our 30’s and beyond things start to change. For various reasons we start to produce less testosterone. Not[…]

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Tobin’s Kettlebell Corner

These challenges are designed to push different limits, cardio, flexibility, strength, focus and more.  In the end, strong technique will be your edge. Proper form and safety should not be compromised for speed and time. Test yourself and compare results at a later date. You are competing against yourself and maybe, just maybe everyone else. Stay tuned for short videos to help show you the form and variance we are looking for in effort to compare apples with apples. Share[…]

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1000 Rep Challenge

Every 4 – 6 weeks I put out a 1000 rep challenge to my group. They have 90 minutes to complete the workout, or go as far as they can. This morning marked the return of the 1000 rep challenge! it consisted of 1000 reps 4 Rounds Kettlebell Swings – 100 reps Angry Kats – 50 reps Chins – 25 reps Squat Thrusters – 25 1/2 get ups – 10 side Deadlifts – 10 Burpees – 20 the faces of[…]

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The Road to 275

Week #24 Back to the weekly weigh ins…. So been consistent with the couch to 5k run program – Monday – Wednesday – Friday. Two Muredrous Kettlebell workouts Saturday and Mondaym as well my benching on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It was time to see what the scale thought of all that… Here is the results of my last 2 weeks… How are your goals coming along? Crush it!! Week #15 Hey everyone, it’s been a few weeks since I posted[…]

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My 10 Best Workouts

Over the last 3 years I have written 1000’s of workouts…. Then I have actually coached my 1 on 1 clients , semi private and small groups through them. One of the issues I have run into over the last 18 months or so is that a very large part of my followers on my email list , Facebook and twitter live across Canada and the world for that matter now. I have been asked repeatedly to put together some[…]

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