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Benching In Cornwall Friday Nite

It had been about 5 weeks since i trained with boys in Montreal.

I was pumped about meeting up with the crew this time in Cornwall at Quest Gym on 5th  St.

Tom, the owner has a great no nonsense hard core facility there and naturally I loved it.

It was supposed to be heavy Shirted bench , but after i warmed up and looked thru my gym bag I saw that I had forgot my powerlifting belt and without the belt i couldn’t use the shirt.

The shirt needs to be held  in place at the waist or gut so that it doesn’t move when the heavy poundages start pushing down against me.

So determined to do some sort of max effort (ME) workout, I decided to try Reverse band press in the rack.

I had seen this many times but have never tried it.

So off I went.

After doing a 455 Raw bench, I set up in the rack with a pair of Black bands.

I worked up from 405 and went like this

405 X 10
455 X 6
495 X 5
545 X 2
585 X 1 (6 plates per side)
585 X 1

I was surprised how the 545 went up for 2 reps but my attempts at 585 both missed…

although my second attempt was better..I still didnt quite get it…funny how 40 lbs can make such a big difference.

after that I decided to do some speed benching for 5 reps with 135 and some mini Orange bands to finish out the workout.

Thx Jack for spotting everyone and being our Host at Quest…

Thx Tom for letting use the facility…It felt nice and Hardcore…just the way we like it at Hostyle!!!

Left to right..

Front-  Hugo , Jack

Back – Me , Chriss, and Frank

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  1. Akemi - June 19, 2012 6:35 am

    cool post.

  2. Beritiana - July 6, 2012 9:22 am

    rock on! i love this stuff.


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