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Bench Training Session Log

Todays Bench Session

Saturday max effort bench Aug 4

5 sets of 3 rep took last week off benching

Set 1 1 st tough 2 and. 3
Set 2 1st gr8 2 good 3 little help
Set 3 1st awesome 2 good 3 better
Set 4 same as above
Set 5 same

Speed Chain benching 5 sets of 3
4 chains 20lbs each
255 in plate weight

Dips BDW
5 sets
10 reps
10 reps
10 reps
10 reps
10 reps

Purple band shoulder mobi
2 sets of 15
Purple mini band

L flyes
Band pull aparts chest
Belly button
Band dislocates

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