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Bench Press Workshop

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Bench Press Workshop

  • Bench not improving?
  • Killing your self at the gym and getting no where?
  • Jumping from program to program?

We hear you! Perhaps you’ve been trying to bust your plateau for weeks, maybe months. Or maybe you’re just having trouble taking in all the Internet strength gurus’ information and making it work for you. Either way, you need some hands on practical coaching that will give you more progress than you have seen in the last year!

If so, then this is the seminar for you!

Bust Your Bench Press Plateau

With Curd Hos

bench press seminarCurd Hos is the owner of Hostyle Conditioning in Ottawa Ontario, an elite an 8,000sq.ft., full-time strength and conditioning facility.

He is a competitive bench press athlete, competing for over 25 years in both raw and shirted lifts. He has set and broken numerous bench records (his current bench is over 500lbs raw) in his class.

In 2015 Curd set the masters 45-49 CPF Canadian record with a 512 bench in November. He also set the RPS World Record 45-49 with a 505 bench in June

In 2016 Curd is aiming to break the 550 lbs mark in the raw bench at the age of 48

Curd is a highly sought-after powerlifting coach by top athletes and strength coaches alike. He has also coached 1000s of people over the years in the bench press as well as most other strength sports. Check out some of his benching on his YouTube channel.

What You Will Learn at This Intensive Seminar

  • The only 4 main exercises you should be focusing on to build a killer bench press, and why.
  • How to properly set up on the bench press — this alone can add as much as 10-25% to your lifts!
  • The 7 most important tweaks to make to your bench training in 2016, and some you’ve never heard of before.
  • Believe it or not, why “what you do” outside the gym is just as important as “what you do” inside the gym.
  • How to better understand program cycling to maximize strength and recovery throughout your training cycles.
  • Avoiding common injuries and training with injuries. (You don’t have to deload if you do it the right way.)
  • How often should you compete — this is the most misunderstood concept, and why it’s murdering your lifts!
  • The most common mistake all lifters make: going heavy too little or too often — how often should you max out.
  • How often should you train. (Is it 3 days a week? 4? 5? One hour? Two? The answer might surprise you!)
  • And much, much more!

Claim Your Spot NOW!

Book your attendance now! Room is extremely limited and this seminar is sure to sell out fast. The seminar will be held in the following locations;


Location Hostyle Conditioning 1977 St Joseph Blvd Orleans Ontario K1C 1E5 613-830-9300

Bench Seminar Sat 3-6 pm

April 16th, 2016!

Ottawa Location


Location: Basement Fitness  1212 Lasalle Blvd, Sudbury, Ontario P3A 1Y5 705 586-3443

Make sure to bring workout clothes (we have changing rooms on facility), and be prepared to take a lot of notes!

Bench Seminar Sat 12-4 pm

April 30 th, 2016!

Sudbury Location

Interested in holding a Bench Press Workshop at your Gym? Contact us at [email protected]  or call us 613-830-9300

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