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Bench Press, Spartan 2013 and Hostyle Kettlebell system dvd

I know I havent done a video blog in quite sometime, I’ve been meaning to get to it sooner so with out further BS reasons here I go.



Like I was saying in the video the bench meet went very well here was my first attempt at 365 ish pounds

Then I went up to 403 ish

then for my 3rd attempt 424 ish

There was more left in me , but the game plan was to get back to the OPA and the CPU and get Qualified for the provincials in November.

I had been training my raw bench for just about 6 weeks after spending 2 years in the 3 ply shirts. It is an adjustment to get back to my
raw bench form after learning a completely different groove for the multiply bench shirts.

So I am looking forward to my quest to 500 raw at 275 bodyweight.

Spartan 2013

Also new to my training is my preparation for the 2013 spartan race here in Ottawa. Having never run before I am working on my first 5km
with a program called couch to 5k by which has me on pace to run 5 k in 9 weeks. I just finished week #2 today. This is definitely
something outside my comfort zone.

Introducing The Hostyle Kettlebell System DVD!!

Thats right after months of filming in such exotic locations like Orleans. We are excited to announce our first
Kettlbell DVD is here.

Tobin and I have put together over 60 minutes of Kettle training.

This DVD includes

  • a full exercise video library
  • 3 complete follow along workouts
  • Commentary on kettlebell training


Whether your starting to workout or are a seasoned trainer looking to start Kettlebell Training. This DVD is for you

You can order you very own copy here


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  1. Troy Dennis - July 16, 2012 3:58 pm

    Nice presses in the meet Curd, 424 looked smooth…

  2. George - July 16, 2012 5:51 pm

    Hey Curd how goes it? George Nesrallah here. Thanks for the posts. I did the Spartan Race this year and man it is fun! You will have a blast. The C25K is also something I have done with good success. I started off being able to run 1:27 seconds and the program did it for to the point where I even completed the hour long runner program by them; in my opinion the best program out there for running. As for the Spartan Race, focus on core, LOTS of balance work (sliding through the mud for 5k is definitely tough), and work ballistic strength. And no matter what anyone tells you, definitely keep up with the distance running. People told me not to focus on it and it made me the worse for the competition. Anyway take care bro.

    • Curd Hos - July 17, 2012 7:59 pm

      Hey George!
      That’s exactly how we train here. Thx for the Feedback!
      See u there in 2013!
      Crush it


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