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Beast for the Feast – after week one



So here we are ending week 1 of the Beast for the Feast 6 week challenge

We are getting some of the results of people weighing in after 7 days of training at Hostyle and eating cleaner.

Those who have been applying the knowledge from our nutrition seminar along with stepping up their training frequency and intensity are seeing results.

Even if they are still working on mastering the food changes and dealing with the extra training positive results are inevitable.


Here are some of the changes we are seeing..

Curd – 8.1 lbs
Dave – 5.6 lbs
Lindsay – 7.0 lbs
Francine – 6.0 lbs

Some people have asked me not to publish their results, they are shy and it’s too bad because there are some other great numbers coming down the pipe.

But hey, I’m not here to make then uncomfortable…unless they are in class!

Assessments have been going well, still have a few more to complete. This is a great time to clarify some questions and confusion some people are having as they embark on something new.

Are you getting the results you want?

If not contact me at [email protected] or Jess at [email protected] to get your assessment going!

Just showing up is 80% of the Battle – Wood Allen (I’m sure he ripped this of some one else)


Keep Crushing it



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