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Friday, October 30at 7:00pm ‘Til Finish!
Hostyle Conditioning Gym
1977A St Joseph blvd, Orleans, Ontario K1C 1E5

2013-08-10 18.19.49This is a powerlifting fundraiser for The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in memory of Sylvie Fortin, wife of Hostyle Conditioning’s own Michel Fortin, our resident webmaster.

This is a deadlift-only style meet. This competition is open to all lifters, novice or experienced.

Registration is a suggested $50 donation (or whatever you can). You can do it online, by mail, or by phone to the Sylvie Fortin Memorial Fund, which is handled by the foundation and goes directly to them.

You can also hand in donations at the event, as foundation staff will be there to take care of it for you. The foundation is a registered charity, therefore your donation is tax deductible.

The goal is to set a goal weight and you have three tries to meet it. If you meet it during your opener, you can go heavier on your 2nd and 3rd tries. Lifters can get pledges from their friends and family for meeting their goal deadlift weight. Forms will be made available at Hostyle Conditioning’s gym.

Why Friday, October 30th?

Three reasons. First, October is breast cancer awareness month, so remember to wear pink! Support women in their fight against breast cancer. Second, Sylvie’s birthday happens to be on Halloween (31st), so this is meaningful for so many reasons. People are welcome to join, cheer, dress up, and above all, donate. And third, the event is planned to go until midnight, followed by a Halloween mini-party upstairs at the Royal Oak in Orleans.

What does it help?

The Foundation offers clinical trials, research into new treatments, cancer coaching, and support services from which Michel and Sylvie have benefited greatly. After being diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer, Sylvie was given only 18 months to live. Through support from the foundation and clinical trials, she enjoyed eight more years.

So please join us to celebrate those who survived cancer, those who were personally touched by it, those who lost someone near and dear, and those who desperately need our help to support them in their fight.

A huge thank you to Curd Hos for his gracious support and gym.

Please Comment Below to Let Us Know You’ve Donated

If you are competing in the contest you must make their donation/payment of $50 (which goes to charity, and it’s a suggested minimum), before the end of the month so we can properly manage the event. After that, the minimum will go up to $75. Your entry must be received and confirmed to RSVP for this event. There are no minimum lifters as this is a deadlift-only event. The more lifters we get, the longer we simply go on.

If you have donated already and are competing (or if you’re going to donate and will be competing), please comment below so we can add you to the lifter roster. (If you have donated, a receipt number would be awesome.) Your donation must be made at

We highly, highly recommend that you get pledges from people for meeting your goal weight for the deadlift only competition. Remember, this is not only an event, it’s for a excellent cause. The pledge forms are below. People who wish to pledge simply fill in their information and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation will send them an invoice after the event. Here is the pledge form:

Thank you. Come support the lifters and don’t forget to wear pink or your favorite Hallowe’en costume! And please share this page with your social media friends and followers. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

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