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Orleans bootcamp Hostyle COnditioning

Awesomeness at Hostyle this week

Some of the cool stuff that we saw at Hostyle this week….


Orleans bootcamp Hostyle COnditioning


Sabina adding some intensity to her Bring Sally up Push ups


youth conditioning Orleans Hostyle


Young Doug getting ready to Crush it on the Prowler!!


Orleans Bootcamp Hostyle Conditioning


The 3 Amigos hitting some partner push-ups at the 7 pm general conditioning class

Orleans Personal trainer Hostyle Conditioning

Sean looking a little sideways after hitting the “Douchbag” Challenge in just over 50 minutes


Personal trainer orleans Hostyle Conditioning

Salima doing her first chin up ever!

Youth conditioning Orleans Hostyle Conditioning


Capt Smash teaching the boys the how team work is needed for success with the tug of war challenge

Kettlebell Workout Orleans Hostyle Conditioning


Eric rocking perfect form on the Kettlebell


Personal Trainer Orleans Hostyle Conditioning


Coach Jess “Capt Smash” mangling 636 lbs on the prowler!!!

Orleans Bootcamp Hostyle Conditioning.

Denis showing that our clients are “Strong as Fuck” too. 600+ lbs on the prowler!!

General Conditioning Class Orleans Hostyle Conditioning


A room full of Awesomeness at Hostyle….It’s how we roll!


Crush it!


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