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some days we are the hero hostyle conditioning

Some of the Awesomeness coming down the the Pipe at Hostyle

To say that things have been crazy at Hostyle would be an understatement!

April 1st will be our 4th anniversary here at this location.

It’s been amazing!

I still remember the nite we moved in, a huge overnight endevour that ended at 3:30 in the morning.

I sent out and email and a FB post to let the 6 am class know we had moved, and no it wasn’t April fools!

Since then we went from 5500 sq ft to 7500 18 month later then this past summer we expanded to 13,000 sq ft as we opened the 6000 sq ft open gym – The HANGAR – as we affectionately refer to it!

The real Awesomeness – the thing that I take the utmost pride in, is the people!

The amount of people we have met and become part of each other lives is nothing short of inspirational.

The Team at Hostyle are also truly special!

I am so proud of them!!

I was speaking to the team at a staff meeting last year and I shared  one of my visions for Hostyle

That Vision is to build a fitness company that great men and women wanted to work for, to be part of something truly special, to be involved in something that really changes peoples lives.

I believe we are doing just that.

What Happens when you are surrounded by all that awesomeness?


Men and Women start making real changes.

When people start making the changes in themselves to become who they really want to be inside and out, they quickly become inspirations for others looking to do the same thing.

To that end I have 3 very  special people that will be contributing and sharing their journeys with us on this blog.


Shelley Sandiford

Rich Machell

Jamie McDonald


We are very fortunate to be able to share and witness what they are doing.

Deep down inside they also have a desire to help others.

I think it’s actually more of a super power myself.


IF we can just help or inspire one person by working on our own goals and transformations it’s an honor.

Some days we need a Hero

Some days we are the Hero


Keep Crushing it!







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