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9 Ways to Curb Your Hunger While Losing Fat

We all know that dieting sucks!  But at times it is a necessary measure where you want to be whether it’s fitting into a nice pair of jeans from your past, competing in your first bodybuilding show, or just looking fabulous for the beach.  One of the many things that can hold you back from accomplishing your goals is hunger.

Controlling our biological urges to eat is no simple task anymore.  In tims long since past it was easy to lose weight because food just wasn’t as easy to obtain.  But now with our modernized society you no longer have to wait for food to be grown, caught, killed and cooked.  It’s as simple as driving up the window of your nearest fast food restaurant and in about 5 minutes have a large double-double of sugar and cream with a bagel and cream cheese.  No fuss, no muss and not so great for your waist line.

With this ease of access to a variety of tasty morsels it makes it all to easy to lose control when you’re trying to achieve those long sought after goals.  So to help you out here are 9 tips to satisfy your hunger pains and keep you driving hard towards your goals.

  1.  Drink lots of water.  Hunger can often be misinterpreted as thirst and if you fail to read the signs correctly you could end up eating far more than your dietary allowances allow.
  2. Add some salt to your food.  Salt has been given a bad name by far too many people and the truth is that our bodies need salt in order to survive.  If you’re sweating and exercising regularly the body will need far more sodium than if you’re just a slug lying on the couch.  Getting cravings for salty foods is quite common when you’re dieting to lose weight.
  3. Use artificial sweeteners to help make plain foods and even water taste better.  Artificial sweeteners are fine as long as they’re not taken in excess.  A couple packets of Equal or Splenda won’t hurt you if you’re not eating a pound of them a day.  And the same goes for the artificial drink sweetners.  If you drink more fluids in general, you’re going to have an easier time accomplishing your goals.  Be sure to keep in mind though that quantity is crucial here, for some are fine, too many are hazardous.
  4. Eat protein, lots and lots of protein.  Quality protein sources are the building blocks of muscle, enzymes and hormones.  Without it you’re not going to be building muscle and operating at peak performance.  Not only that but it’s very hard for the body to catabolize proteins down to make energy efficiently, which makes them excellent for fat loss.
  5. Up your fiber intake.  If you’re going to have some carbohydrates in your diet make sure they’re loaded with fiber.  High fiber quantities in leafy greens and fibrous vegetables and fruits fill you up and help keep you from overeating on excess junk.  Shoot for eating fibrous foods at every meal.
  6. Eat plenty of fat for sustained energy and satiety.  Too often people avoid fat at all costs when trying to lose weight because of its higher calorie content, but a good dose of fat will help curb your hunger and keep you satisfied long after a meal is over.
  7. Keep your mouth busy with gum, straws, pretty much anything you can chew on without splitting a tooth.  Boredom is often when you’re tempted by the “dark side” of everything else there is to munch on that tastes so much better than chicken and broccoli.
  8. Be creative with your hands and mind.  This one goes along quite well with number 7, as idle hands are the devil’s playthings.  Learn how to draw, play video games, Sudoku, whatever it takes to keep your mind elsewhere when you’re hungry and craving tasty treats.  One often loses track of time when they are trying to accomplish something that engages one’s mind and hands fully.
  9. Drink a warm, non-caloric beverage after eating a main meal.  Coffee, tea and broths work great for this purpose to help act as an appetite suppressant.

With these 9 tips you’ll be off to a great start in your battle against your hunger.  Don’t let hunger win over your goals.  And remember, sometimes when the going gets rough a Snickers isn’t the answer.


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  1. Wayne Walsh - July 15, 2014 5:09 pm

    Also, when drinking water make sure it is as cold as possible. You will burn more calories bringing the water up to body premature than if you drink warmer liquids.


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