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Hostyle Conditioning Ottawa Kettlebell Bootcamp 613-830-9300

Here is a little glimpse into the Kettlebell world inside of Hostyle Conditioning.

We are committed to providing the best in kettlebell instruction in Ottawa. We focus on smaller groups allowing us to provide excellent coaching and technical training in kettlebells.

Having our own dedicated facility allows us to run better bootcamps in ottawa as we have all kinds of equipment at our disposal for any class.

whether it’s Kettlebell training, sandbags or prowlers, powerlifting or rowing we mix it all into our workouts. This means variety in each workout, you are always being challenged physically and mentally as well.

Bottom line you get better faster results in a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Check out our latest Hostyle Conditioning Ottawa Kettlebell Montage below…



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Curd “Hostyle” Hos

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25+ Years Personal Trainer - Specialize in Men and women over 40 Bench Press Athlete Best Comp Bench CPF 534 lbs Raw Feb 2017 RPS 550 lbs Raw April 2017 Founder Hostyle Conditioning Founder Hostyle Gear Founder Hostyle Kettlebell Systems

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  1. Rahim - August 9, 2012 2:48 pm

    I just left Urban Fitness for CrossFit. The new owners let Urban go and it’s a dirty pit cmoplete with mold in the showers. Crossfit is always clean and never has broken equipment. Thanks for providing a clean atmosphere for me to work out in. My work out time is my ME time and working out in filth is so stressful it defeats the point of ME time!


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