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5 minute protein bar hostyle

5 minute Easy Protein bar recipe

For Weight loss to be successful we need to always be working on food prep

and staying in control of our food choices.

Having struggled with my own weight for years (and its still an ongoing battle) my greatest success

happens when I am prepared and tracking my food (food log – broken record)

Often though we get caught with our pants down and we need a quick fix.

Here’s a couple of options

1) The ever ready smoothie

8 oz water

1 scoop whey – Ladies

2 scoops whey – men

1/2 cup fruit or banana

1 tsp Peanut butter – ladies

1 table spoon peanut butter – men

2) Tray of veggies already cut or bought at grocery store


3) 5 Minute Protein bar

Well it takes 5 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes in the fridge

Check out the Video below that we did showing Dara pounding these bars out in minutes right here at Hostyle



5 minute protein bars h

each bar has

12 gram of fat

15 grams of carbs

10 -12 grams of protein


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