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“300” Kettlebell Challenge

This was our 7 pm Kettlebell workout last night .
every 3-4 weeks I through out this 300 challenge so my clients can
benchmark there improvements in cardio and strength as well as kettlebell technique.

Tobin’s Hostyle 300 Wake Up Challenge

40 x 2 Handed Swings
20 x Upright Rows and Press
40 x Kettlebell Crunches
40 x Catchers Squats (elbows touch)
20 x Kettlebell Pushups
40 x Around the body once & Switch (count 1 per switch)
40 x Alternating direction Halo (ATH)
20 x Kettlebell Crush Curls
40 x Alternating Single Hand Swings

Done, note your times!

Sergio 14:26
Eric Whissell 13:10
Marc 11:59
Rick Lessard 12:24
Sheena 20:00
Darius 14:07

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  1. eric whisselle - July 12, 2012 4:33 pm

    Good time for everyone ! awsome job …I’m happy with my time seeing it was my frist class for kettlebells….


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