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One of the most important emails we have ever written

7 habits that separate the fit from the flabby Every 4- 7 days we work to publish an email for our Hostyle members and followers. Training tips, lifestyle tips, a cool recipe and more. It`s also a reminder to keep your focus on the goals, and the `why`we need to be healthier and stronger inside and out. If your not on our email list I really suggest you get on it. Below is probably one of the most important emails[…]

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Hostyle Workout of the day – #2162 Burpee Complex

If you want to really stimulate metabolic activity then train legs! Hitting this muscle group with lots of sets or high reps is the fastest way to incinerate bodyfat and send your metabolism into over drive for the nest 24 – 72 hours! Today’s Hostyle bootcamp does just that. Warm Up Hostyle Mobility Farmer Walk Complex Starting with pair of kettlebells complete 100 feet in a farmer walk (kettlebells down by your sides like suitcases) R2 round hold one kettlebell in the[…]

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