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Hostyle Workout of the day – #2160 Bench meets Burpees

  Ready to test your strength and cardio in the same workout? Combining the bench press and burpees does just that. Using around 50-60 % of your bench 1RM ( 1 rep max) Here’s the version I put Jojo through yesterday morning Warm Up Hostyle Mobility Prowler 100 ft –7 rounds  no official rest Workout warm up on the bench until you are comfortable with the weight at 50-60% of your 1 rep max. ( have a spotter for the workout[…]

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The Prone Row Hangar Gym Hostyle Ottawa Canada

The Prone Row – another kickass piece of equipment coming to the HANGAR

The Prone Row Bench – Not just amazing for your lats Another unique piece of equipment that will be at the Hangar is the Prone Row   NO MOMENTUM AND LESS STRESS We perform other horizontal pulling exercises – like bent over rows or seated cable rows – but We don’t get the same feeling of “isolation” we do with this new movement. And, most times when athletes perform bent over rows, they don’t have the muscular endurance in their posterior chain to[…]

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