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Hostyle Workout of the Day – Muscle and Hustle #2159

One of my favorite workouts is when we combine short burst cardio like 500 m runs or 350 m rows with Strength exercises. Today we will be hitting both the Curd 500m run and a 350 m row followed by some bodyweight exercises with some accessory work. Each round is a series of 3 mini targets. When we break down bigger workouts into smaller chunks we can drive harder mentally. When we look back 20 -30 minutes later we can see[…]

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Silverback Blueprint

Silverback Blueprint Results

A little over 3 months ago I launched the Silverback Blueprint A program for men over 40 Focusing on Strength and Conditioning Mobility Nutrition Mindset 3 times per week these gentlemen worked with me in a small semi private group. The Beginning We started off with some very basic yet challenging workouts and as their physical conditioning improved So did their mental toughness. Bonds were formed between the men in the group, comraderie, respect and support for each other grew[…]

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Hostyle workout of the day Orleans bootcamp

Hostyle Workout of the day – Prowler and Stations #2158

Today was time to hit some Prowlers – Usually as poart of our warm upo we will do any where from 3 -5 singles – 100 feet – half high horns half low horns. Today i wanted to push a little longer so it was 10 singles to get the cardio really flowing Then on to stations 7 exercises – round 1 30 secs each – round 2 45 secs each.   Warm Up Hostyle Mobility Cardio – 3 Minute Burpees[…]

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