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motivation to exercise

Why Don’t We Exercise – Some Constraints About Exercise

The light and dark phases of the Earth slowly embrace you as you journey through you never ending sea of paperwork, pointless meetings, mindless internet searches and idle stretches of time glued to your television for some bleak release from reality.  The void between the days and nights seems ever so slowly dwindling away as you fade into the folds of your couch and you wonder, what am I missing? In life that is. You know what the worst part[…]

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Top Conditioning Exercises for Youth Athletes

Top Six Conditioning Exercises for Youth Athletes

So there we were, panting on the floor, gasping for air.  Our heart and lungs felt like they were on fire!  Our legs were gooey and felt like melted candle wax and our upper back muscles gave out quiet little spasms as they flexed and relaxed under duress of the intense conditioning session we just performed. This is how it feels to push your body to the max and grind through endless rounds of high intensity physical efforts.  It’s not[…]

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exercise and fat loss

Exercise Alone Doesn’t Cause Weight Loss

As many of my readers know I’m a huge fan of exercise and fitness, but it may shock you for me to reveal that exercise isn’t the overall key in as far as weight loss is concerned.  In fact, many people can lose weight easily just through manipulating their diets. It sounds funny, but you notice I used the term “weight” in order to not describe exactly what kind of “weight” I’m talking about.  Now, if I were to say[…]

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increase Testosterone

10 Ways to fire up your testosterone power plant

Here are 10 things to do in order to naturally raise your body’s levels of testosterone and take advantage of all of its amazing benefits.  1) Use compound exercises as the cornerstone of your workouts. I’m talking about the basic, bread-and-butter lifts such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rows, chin-ups, dips, lunges and military presses. This will place your muscles under the greatest amount of stress in the gym and will force your body to increase testosterone production.  2) Always train[…]

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Running After A Layoff

Be Fit To Run – Running After A Long Layoff

Running isn’t something that you typically here your typical meathead chatting about endlessly, but the truth of the matter is I really enjoy running.  It helps me focus, clear my head and I really don’t have to engage in any other thought process other than right foot, left foot, breathe. Running is one of those essential movement skills that everyone should be able to do in at least some capacity.  However it is often one of those skills that goes[…]

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Workout of the Day personal trainer Orleans Hostyle Conditioning

Ass Kicker Friday Workout – Form and Effort Bitches!

Everyday at Hostyle Conditioning we run many different types and levels of workouts depending the groups and individual sessions. Here we will post just one of the workouts that we do. They will vary from Kettlebell – Powerlifting – General conditioning – Barbell conditioning. We believe in variety and improving our mental as well as physical toughness. Good form and effort are the bench marks for our clients success.   Mobility Warm up – See VIDEO HERE Ass Kicker Friday So[…]

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The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared!

The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared! This past Saturday March 22nd we held one our most popular seminars. The Beast Bench Press Seminar! We had over 15 people attend. First of all I want to thank Coach Jess, Rachel and Renee for helping me deliver this kick ass seminar. We had lots of the ladies of Iron and the men of Steel attend. Many were our Hostyle peeps and many new faces. Over the course of the[…]

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Sluggish at Work? – Re-energize with the Hostyle Express Lunch Workout

Take a second to think. You’re busy at work, focusing on what you need to get done before you can head out for lunch. After stepping back in the office from your lunch, you start to feel tired then all of a sudden you crash! You’re sluggish and counting down the minutes until you’re finally done for the day, but now imagine escaping that crash and having more energy in the late afternoon. Which in return leaves yourself feeling refreshed;[…]

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Metabolic Damage - Fat Loss

Fat Loss – Taking a Break from Your Diet

We’ve all been on a diet from time to time and whether we’ve gotten good results or bad results one thing always remains true, when you get low on overall calories that chance to cheat is imminent.  Everything seems to be beckoning you to eat it.  Those late night nacho commercials and All You Can Eat Buffet’s get better and better with every passing moment.  Sooner rather than later you’re going to cheat, we all know it, halting your fat[…]

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