Hostyle Conditioning

Deadlift Seminar Was a Blast!

Last Saturday was a blast! Students came from as far as Toronto to learn the proper techniques and some inside tips to deadlift like a beast! “Captain Smash,” Jesse Howland, and the boss, Curd Hos, gave students an in-depth look at how to lift weights from the floor. Students learned not only the different types of deadlifts but also how to properly do each one — such as the conventional deadlift, the sumo, straight-legged, Romanian, rack pulls, and more. Jesse[…]

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Monday Holiday Hours at Hostyle

Here is the schedule for this upcoming Monday at Hostyle 6 am 12 noon 6pm 7pm 8pm classes as usual Personal Training and Semi Private will also be happening! PS   A quick not about bringing kids into Hostyle. Unless your child is in a youth class 9 – 13 and 14 – 19 children are not permitted anywhere on the training floor. I have let a parents once in while when they are absolutely stuck bring their child, but[…]

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