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10 Things that will make you Stronger

10 Things that will make you Stronger Everyone wants to get bigger and stronger. Here are 10 starting points to get you headed in the right direction. Are there more? Absolutely but master these and you will be well on your way. 1 – Deadlift Of the 3 big lifts (squat – bench – deadlift) The deadlift is the king for building brute power and strength. This one exercise will improve • Power • Core • Explosiveness • Thick muscle[…]

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Action conquers Fear everytime

I recently posted a video on youtube and Facebook of me squatting. It’s been a long time since I hit that exercise. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. It’s been literally years since I dead any heavy Barbell squats. But I wanted to get back into this exercise since I had been back into dead lifting for the last 8 weeks or so. Having Coach Jess here with us at Hostyle has also motivated me as he is crazy into[…]

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Fitness for Moms

My mom was awesome and yours is too!  As most of you will agree, your mom is always going to be your number one, but have you considered that your mom’s health may suffer because of her fitness level?  Moms fitness is of utmost importance nowadays with the ever increasing demand on all of our time. You may dislike her at times, you might even fight with her, but who else can you say has always been there for you? […]

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