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Motivation for Exercise

A funny thing happened to me one day in an 0600hr physical training formation, while I was still in the Active Duty military.  Our Executive Officer at the time, turned to me and asked how I got my motivation for exercise at such an early hour of the morning. I turned to her and replied enthusiastically, “Well, I have two cups of coffee, foam roll,…and then snort a foot long line of cocaine of the kitchen counter!” The very next[…]

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#1 Problem Between You and Success – Curd Delivers some Tough Love

  Have you ever wondered why you’re not as successful as you wish to be? How is it that a few people can achieve amazing results on the training or weight loss goals while most people can barely get up in the morning to go for a walk? It’s like there’s something standing in the way between you and success. Well, the truth of the matter is, there is something standing in your way and until you learn to deal[…]

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Workout of the Day - Infinity Prowler Sprint - Hostyle Conditioning

Workout of the Day – Infinity Prowler Sprints

So today’s workout was a little too awesome for words, so I thought I’d add a little flare to it.  Prowler sprints anyone? And you’re welcome! Today’s workout is the INFINITY PROWLER SPRINTS, basically a long, arduous prowler workout. In this workout the only goal is to keep adding weight to the prowler and keep that puppy moving for as long as possible. There’s no real time frame until completion or failure to complete a full lap with the prowler.[…]

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Workout of the Day Tuesday March 4th – Legs and Back

Everyday at Hostyle Conditioning we run many different types and levels of workouts depending the groups and individual sessions. Here we will post just one of the workouts that we do. They will vary from Kettlebell – Powerlifting – General conditioning – Barbell conditioning. We believe in variety and improving our mental as well as physical toughness. Good form and effort are the bench marks for our clients success. It had been a long time since I Had hit some[…]

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Starting out at the gym Hostyle Conditioning

Adapting to a successful fitness lifestyle to change your life

Changing your life takes time, commitment and consistency. You have to be able to want to change your lifestyle, nobody can make the change except for you! A lifestyle is a change made for life. Make changes for tomorrow, not just for today. Look ahead and envision where you would like to be, now, think where you are now, and what are the steps to take in order to get to where you want to be. Here are 3 ways[…]

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