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Hostyle Podcast – Roll daddy onto his side kids…..

Episode #4 This week Pete and I talk about Deload training Diet coke week #2 Clean Eating Pete also talks about his first “Class” workout at Hostyle in 6 months. We get into the concept of “deloading” in training cycles. Why its important and why more people need to do it and do it more often. Clean eating, why its more common sense and people just lie to themselves. Diet Coke aftermath…

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Video Review of some Kettlebell exercises that are often done wrong in training

When ever we start teaching kettlebells to individuals in class or to coaches and trainers in our Hostyle Kettlebell System certification, we cover quite a few different exercises. Sometimes we might not repeat certain kettlebell exercises often as there are many different moves aside from the core ones The basics that get repeated alot are; swings cleans clean and press snatch pendulums ATB’s ATH’s Catcher squats Crunches and V ups…… Then we have certain Kettlebell Moves that happen less often,[…]

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