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Hostyle Podcast – I Throw rocks at my kids coz I love them

Its Episode 3……not as monumental as the 3rd installment of Star wars but hey! In studio (behind the counter) I have my buddy Peter Hamilton…Long time friend and client if Hostyle Conditioning We talk about his 140+ lb weight loss, then how it got put back on with some crazy live changes. Now he’s back into training he’s down 20 lbs and crushing it. He’s a great funny guy and I’m looking forward to him being part of the podcast[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning Front Squats and Kettlebell Upright Row Press Hybrid workout

My third installment of Powerlifting / Kettlebell Hybrid workout routines. This was 8 rounds of Barbell front squats for 6 Reps and Kettlebell Upright row Press for 12 reps each…90 secs of rest between sets. Use a weight you can front squat 10 -12 reps with and then a heavier weight for your kettlebell upright row press. I am getting some of my Hostyle athletes to do the 3 hybrid workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday . After 3 weeks[…]

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