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Hostyle Conditioning Bench Press and Kettlebell Hybrid Training Workout and Video

  I am working on some Powerlifting / Kettlebell Hybrid workout routines. This was 8 rounds of Bench Press for 6 Reps and Kettlebell Snatch L and R for 5 reps each…no official rest, just get it done 8 Rounds of.. Bench Press 6 reps Kettlebell Snatch 5/side no official rest….. Weight Selection for Kettlebell / Powerlifting Hybrid Workout Use a weight you can bench 10 -12 reps with and then a a moderate weight for your kettlebell snatches. I am[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning..Finishing last….Fucking Rocks!!!

  Finishing last….Fucking Rocks!!! A person’s ego has got to be the most fragile thing in existence sometimes! Putting your ego to the test is something very few people will ever have the courage to face. Fear is one of the most damaging powerful forces that we deal with. Put the 2 together and you can be stuck in one dark, and shitty place in your head and in your life. Fear stops a person from trying anything, sometimes all[…]

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