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Hostyle Conditioning – How to handle a less than awesome day!

Everyone gets one of those “why did I get outta bed” days. Even yours truly has days that are Less Than Awesome! All be it, it’s a rarity, it does happen. Today was one of those days. I’m not sure what triggered it. People who are smarter than me say it’s a build up of pressure from what’s happening in one’s life. Some say’s it’s because of something that needs to get resolved that’s on our minds. Pressure doesn’t always[…]

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More Feed back At Hostyle from one of the ladies….

More cool Feed back from one of Hostyle Athletes       It’s not always about the weightloss so much as they increase in stamina and performance, or as we call it “Your Level of Awesomeness” Hi ladies, I couldn’t find May’s email address so one of you are going to have to pass this on to her. So after Tuesday’s work out, I was totally discouraged, mostly because I spent a good chunk of it trying to keep ceasar[…]

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