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Hostyle Manifesto – “Why” is Goal..Not “What” is your Goal!!!

Another of the Core Values at Hostyle Conditioning is setting your goals with “WHY”. WHY…do want to lose 20 lbs WHY…do u want to be able to Run 5k WHY…are u getting into the best Shape of your life.. I want to lose 20 lbs…WHY?…so u can be excited to wear that dress and improve your self esteem…. I want to run 5K..WHY? I can run the Spartan 5k so I can build that sense of accomplishment so That I[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning – does our brain even know what the hell our hands are doing?

This is a video of an observation I made today while sitting at a Diner today having a clean egg omelette. It really made me take notice of how oblivious we can be in regards to what are our every day actions are versus our goals and aspirations. After the Video please comment on what your thoughts are on how this applies to yourself or what you have seen in others around you?    

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Hostyle Manifesto – The Fitness Elite

I say it all the time at Hostyle, whether I coaching a class, shooting a video, or Working on our kettklebell dvd’s. I’m looking for the “real” in all aspects of Hostyle Conditioning. Real people – doing Real work – getting Real results – based in the Real world. Real People This means regular people, like you, like me. – Not pretty people, with perfect hair and $200 lulu lemon outfits. Not Trainers who have never been over weight or have[…]

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