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Hostyle Conditioning goes back to its Powerlifting roots….

100% Raw Bench Provincial Bench Meet Week are 5 weeks away from the Ontario Raw Bench Provincials This is an excellent meet run in Ottawa that showcases the Newbie competitor as well as the seasoned veteran. There are medals for 1st 2nd 3rd place in all weight divivsions and age catergories there is also a Team award this year Best Male Lifter Best Female Lifter Each competitor will receive a meet T shirt and a cool supplement gift bag It[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning ThanksGiving aftermath video Blog

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone…. As with most event or holiday long weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed family, friends and food..(how’s that for alliteration ). It’s also the return of my video blogging, Its been a couple of months. I had a silly cold that drained me for 2 weeks but wreaked havoc on my throat and voice for almost 6 weeks. So now that my voice was no longer breaking up like I was going through puberty again, I[…]

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