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Hostyle Reverse Band Press and Ocillating Band/Kettlebell Benching

In getting back into my bench press Training after my disappointing performance at the Raw bench Eastern’s This Month. I am focus on speed and tightness off the chest and and speed and drive thru the sticking point. Tuesday’s have now become my ME (max effort) days. I am focusing on Reverse Band Press for speed thru the sticking point to lockout. For the Tightness  and speed off the chest I am trying Oscillating Band/Kettlebell benching. Tuesdays are a shorter[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning # 1 Rule for Getting the body u want , the strength you need, or the physical prowess your sport demands

  INTENTION & INTENSITY.  Intensity The more intense the workout, and the more muscles used, the more calories you you burn, the more nervous system adaptation is achieved. Intention You have to step into each and every workout with the intention of pushing your mind and body towards those objectives. You also need focus, focus on your technique, your body awareness, your breathing. It doesn’t matter type of workout you are doing Whether its a mobilty workout where you need[…]

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Hostyle Tuesday nite Q & A session at 8 pm

Tuesday Nite Q & A Starting Tomorrow nite (Tuesdays) 8 pm I will be holding an open Q & A session at Hostyle. This is meant to give people a chance to sit and ask me any questions they have about their training, diet and goal setting. We have been getting very busy at Hostyle and I want to make sure I can stay connected with you guys… There are no such thing as “Dumb Questions” We can also discuss[…]

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