Hostyle Conditioning

Hostyle Army Run Protocol

  Pre-Race Lst training run or “shakedown” should be at least two or three days before, and limited to  few kms. Saturdays are “cheat days” for many of us.  I would not “cheat” on your diet the night before, as the race is fairly early in the day – opt for a clean meal, and limit or avoid alcohol.  Hydrate the night before if desired.  For those of us that hit the gym at 8am on a Saturday morning –[…]

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Hostyle Conditioning ….Focus on the Nutrition as well as the training

  One of the MOST important aspects of losing body fat and gaining lean, firm, muscle tone is proper nutrition. I’ll go as far as saying that nutrition is responsible for 80% of the results. Remember this You can always eat more calories than you burn Here is an example for you You can eat a snickers bar in 12 seconds flat but It will take you over an hour on the treadmill to burn the same snickers bar NOT[…]

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